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Election to the Executive Committee (1st April 2016 to 31st March 2018)

The business of the Society is conducted by the Executive Committee elected by the members (individual, student, sessional, lifetime and charter) of the Society. The Executive Committee comprises of the followings:

Vacant Position Number of Posts Status
President One Open
General Secretary One Open
Executive Secretary (HQ) One Open
Joint-Secretary One Open
Treasurer One Open
Executive Members Five Open
Secretary (Foreign Affairs) One (Co-opted) Open
Organizing Secretaries One/Two (Co-opted) Open
Immediate Past President One (Ex-officio) Open
Charter Members Two (Ex-officio) Open

The term of the Executive Committee is two years and it may be extended also by the General body.

Immediate past president, Patron / founder of the Society and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal shall be the permanent members of Executive Committee.

Functions and Powers of the Executive Committee

The Executive committee shall direct and regulate the activities and general affairs of the Society and have powers:

  • To frame, regulate, alter, or repeal rules and by-laws of the Society for the conduct of business at meetings, subject to the approval of the General Body.
  • To appoint sub-committees.
  • To represent any matter in which they consider that the interests of the Society are affected before the Govt., public bodies or any constituted authority.
  • To consider and decide application for membership, resignation, removal and may suggest disciplinary action against any member (s).
  • To write off the whole or part of the arrears against any member or other outstanding, if considered desirable.
  • To condone, part or full arrears of an applicant seeking readmission, having been removed from membership previously on account of non-payment of subscription.
  • To appoint or remove salaried staff of the Society, if necessary.
  • To manage the funds of the Society in accordance with the By-Laws, and to pass the annual budget at the beginning of each year.
  • To fill vacancies up to two in their number during the term of their office by co-option.
  • To remove the name (s) of such members as are proved to have acted against the interest (s) of the Society.
  • To attend all other urgent matters / business.
  • Any action taken under the above clauses shall be reported to the next General Body.

General Body

All registered members of the STOX form the General Body (GB). The General Body shall meet a year at the time of Annual Conference of the Calendar Year and Minutes of the EC shall be the agenda of GB.

Functions and Powers of General Body

The functions and powers of the General Body shall be as under:

  • To approve the minutes and report drawn by the Executive Committee
  • To pass the budget for the year and to approve the proceedings of the Executive Committee.
  • To settle any issue not falling within the competence of the Executive Committee.
  • To entrust the Executive Committee with any special function / power.

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